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When I founded Steeves Advisory Inc. in the spring of 2012, my plan was simple: find a way to do meaningful work, with the flexibility to do it from home (ideally gainfully) while my son is little. Six months later, I had a big problem: too much work, not enough time – the balance of family and professional life that I had cherished was suddenly at risk.

We brought on talented employees and contractors to meet the demand, and at around this time, I was introduced to Chris Hartman, who collaborated with me on many of Steeves Advisory’s most important projects.

Over the last few years Chris provided far more than just another pair of hands. He proved a fantastic addition to the analytical and organizational acumen that our clients sought. We quickly concluded there was much greater value to what we could deliver together then apart. For us, the next step was a no-brainer.

I’m incredibly thrilled to announce that Chris and I are launching a new firm this spring: Adapt MC.

Adapt embodies our passion for tackling confounding problems, as well as our commitment to growth, development and customized solutions. Anyone can deliver a process that has been tried a hundred times before, but the challenges that we face today are rarely predictable or repeatable.

Adaptability is the core of our vision of what consulting looks like when done exceptionally well: thoughtful, strategic and responsive in light of every unique situation. This takes creative energy as well as a deep understanding of the challenges that our clients face, and the strategies that have already been tried. We see Adapt as a nexus for a new generation of management consultants in Edmonton to work hand in hand with our mentors, clients, thought leaders, and community.

As an MC practice that focuses primarily on public sector clients and projects, we launch Adapt with a full recognition of the current provincial budget crunch; and the new rules governing procurement of consulting services in Alberta. In this context, we are committed to nurturing innovation within our industry to ensure that our services, and our business model, respond to the financial and operational imperatives of a sector facing incredibly tough choices.

When the public sector is pressured to do more with less, the need for innovation and real value are even greater. We are confident that there has never been a more important moment to do the hard work of building something that lasts – not as an outsider but as an ally committed to learning in the face of problems that evolve over time.

Our role as advisors is to support clients in taking manageable, meaningful steps toward a long-term, transformative vision, in the midst of complexity and even adversity. To understand what makes a problem hard, and how to make a plan and adjust it as conditions, people and pressures change.

Our mandate is clear: adapt. Adapt to help our clients deal with the shifting and challenging environments in which they work. Adapt to build strength in our clients’ organizations to weather whatever comes next.

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