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Policy and administrative decisions in government have never been more complex. Our public sector clients grapple with systemic goals, change, and uncertainty every day. In rare cases, there are windows of opportunity to create rapid system-level transformative change. More frequently, transformative visions are eked slowly, out one step at a time.

We understand deeply the interrelationship between complex change and incremental action: one does not usually exist without the other. Individual actions are carried out in the context of broad goals, being mindful of connectedness with many other levers of influence. While progress is often local to a policy area, program or geography; the conditions that enable success are increasingly global and integrated, and the ripple-effects of localized change across a broader system can be profound.

Founded in 2012, Adapt MC embodies our passion for tackling confounding problems, as well as our commitment to growth, development and customized solutions.  Anyone can deliver a process that has been tried a hundred times before, but the challenges that we face today are rarely predictable or repeatable.

Adaptability is the core of our vision of what consulting looks like when done exceptionally well: thoughtful, strategic and responsive in light of every unique situation. This takes creative energy as well as a deep understanding of the challenges that our clients face, and the strategies that have already been tried. We see Adapt as a nexus for a new generation of management consultants in Edmonton to work hand in hand with our mentors, clients, thought leaders, and community.

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